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8m Tape Measures

Copy of T-Kunys tape holder.png

Kuny's 8m Tape Holder

Top grain leather

2 3/4" Belt slots

Moulded leather front

£ 10.99

TP-Kunys fabric tape holder.png

Kuny's 8m Fabric Tape Holder

Durable polyester fabric

Belt slots or clip on

Rivet reinforced

Heavy duty metal clip on back

Quick access rolling strap feature

£ 10.99

T-Stanley 8m FMXL tape.png

Stanley 8m/26ft FatMax Extreme

32mm Blade width

4m Standout

Blade armour coating 150mm

Mylar coated blade

Hi Viz blade


£ 28.75

T-Stanley 8m FM tape.png

Stanley 8m/26ft FatMax

31.75mm Blade width

3.3m Standout

Blade armour coating 120mm

Mylar coated blade


£ 25.75

Fisco Brickmate Tape.png

Fisco Brickmate 8m Metric

25mm Blade width

Counts bricks & blocks

Free belt clip​

£ 24.75

T-Stanley 8m Yellow tape.png

Stanley 8m/26ft Tylon

Rubber cased

Tylon blade coating

25mm Blade width

Matt finish blade


£ 8.99

T-Rubber 7.5m tape.png

Rubber cased 7.5m/25ft

25mm Blade width

Rubber cased

£ 3.75

T-Rubber 7.5m tape.png

7.5m/25ft Tape measure
Box of 6

25mm Blade width

Rubber cased

Yellow or Red

= £ 3.25 each

£ 19.50

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